Cabañas Trayen Chiloe

We are located in the center of the Big Island of Chiloe, just 5 Kms south of the city of Castro, in a land of 24000 m2 that has a spectacular view to the sea.

There are altogether 10 cozy cabins with capacity to accommodate 4 or 6 passengers. They are fully equipped, with private terrace, open swimming pool (seasonal) and satellite TV. The WiFi and parking (next to each cabin) are free. For the heating they have a wood burning stove of slow combustion, windows of termo panel and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

The location of Cabañas Trayen is ideal for touring Chiloe, to the north are Dalcahue to 24 kms, Mocopulli Airport to 25 kms, Ancud to 93 kms. To the south are Chonchi at 23 Kms, Chiloe National Park at 60 kms and Tantauco Park at 94 kms.

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